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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Freebie

Wow! What a week this has been and not in a bad what.  We have had a very special guest in our room all week.  "Jay"  as my kids voted to name him made his first appearance Tuesday.  On Monday we discussed the Holland Christmas of Sinterklaas.  On December 6, children in Holland place 1 shoe by the fireplace in hopes of  Sinterklaas leaving goodies insde.  Well, Tuesday was December 6! Don't you just love when a plan falls into place?  Anyways after encore they each placed a shoe outside our door.  Well we got to work reading Snowflake Bentley and then came the knock.  I asked the kids if I should go check, they unanimously agreed.  There in their shoes were candy and a special package.  Let's just say, they slightly freaked out.  It was precious.   (Oh, I forgot to mention all of 4th grade was doing this-Fabulous!)  We read our note from Sinterklaas and check our our package--Elf on a Shelf :) That is how our adventure with Jay started.

Next week is our last full week before break.  I did not want to start any new math topics knowing they would be our for 2 weeks.  Anyways, I have come up with some amazing (if I do not say so myself) math centers. These games review subtraction, division, fact families, multiplication and more :) Enjoy!

Math Review Games

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