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Saturday, December 31, 2011

11 in 2011

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Today is the last day of the year! Where did this year go? The older I get the faster time seems to fly. Today I am joining some of my blogging buddies in reflecting on my top 11 of 2011. Here are some of my favorite teacher things I have discoverd in 2011.

11. Favorite movie

I absolutely LOVE this book and had the opportunity to read it and show the movie with my kids.  The acting is so so however this movie is almost word for word the book.  Love it!

10. Favorite tv series

Oh my word...this is my NEW obsession.  My hubs and I love this show.  The vocabulary you can learn in one episode is amazing.  Beside that is is a great way to unwind after a long day with the kids.  

9.Favorite resturant

My grade level and I frequent the local panera when we are planning.  Great coffee!

8. Favorite new thing you have tried

Oh my word need I say more??? Pinterest is a teachers paradise! Visit my boards at http://pinterest.com/kds0425/.  Follow my boards and I will do likewise!  Seriously, this site is full of great ideas for all grade levels, recipes, fashion advise etc.  

7. Favorite gift

I love my new iPad.  I have been busy downloading apps for my kiddos.  They are going to be pumped on Monday when I show it off.  

6. Favorite pin
Pinned Image

My kids have a daily word problem.  Each time we begin our word problem my kids KNOW I am looking and expecting them to use their pencil strategies.  They have a copy of this in their math folders and I have made a HUGE pencil to go in the front of our room. 

5. Favorite blog

She is amazing.  If I could meet her in person, I.would.just.die! Farley has so many cool ideas like the pencil strategies above.  This is my go to blog for all things 4th grade!

4. Favorite picture

Oh my...do my kids make me smile!

3. Best accomplishment

This really isn't teaching related but....over the Summer I planned and helped put on my churches VBS.  This was a BIG deal to me.  My church puts on some awesome VBS' in the past and I did not want to let them down.  It was such an awesome sense of accomplishment knowing that I had the right people in the right places and the kids were having fun.  

2. Favorite memory

Meeting Ron Clark was the best! He is such a teacher leader and truly lives out what he writes and speaks of.  I am so glad to have met him.  Now, I just need to find a way to watch him teach :) 

1. Goal for 2012

I have been thinking of a word that I can use to define my GOALS for 2012.  I think I have concluded that my word for 2012 is time.  I want to take more time for family, health, school.....etc.    


  1. Thanks for linking up!!!
    Love Panera - their mac and cheese is sooooo yummy!!!
    I want an iPad so bad but I doubt I'd take it to school. Cuz I don't share. :)
    Farley is AWESOME!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. I heart love notes from my students! That is so sweet. As a fellow addict I will be heading over to check out your Pin boards! I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! You can come by my page to claim your award. Thanks for a great blog!