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Sunday, October 30, 2011

There is a first for everything


Where did my nice 70 degree temps go?  They need to come back, I miss them.  If it is this cold NOW what is it going to be by Thanksgiving?!?!?!  Ok, enough of my complaining. Last night was truly a first time experience for me.  I attended my FIRST Haunted Woods Ride (yes, you may insert laughing now...) This was no ordinary Haunted Woods Ride.  This particular event took place at the home of Ron Clark's parents.  Yes, the Ron Clark ! To top it off, he was in town with several of his kids for ECU's homecoming festivities.

My wonderful friend Marina and I decided to be good sports and brave the ride.  We were in the first group.  Oh my word, I screamed like a little girl, jumped into the floor a few times and shed a tear or two.  To say the least I was scared!  When we ended the ride, Marina and I were pure shaking! Well not long after we got off our ride we were asked to be part of the Haunted Woods cast.  Like, put a costume on, act all scary and jump out a people.  Of course, being the good sports/crazy teachers we are we said YES.  It was so much fun.  I cannot wait to share with my babies on Monday.  Here is a picture of our lovely outfits.  I am considering it as a choice for Monday, lol.

 My sweet friend, Marina! So glad we did this together. P.S.-Hope I didn't squeeze your hand too hard, lol
Thank you to the Clark Family for this opportunity.  Mr. Clark, you are truly an inspiration to us all.  I enjoyed speaking with you and your wonderful students.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Top 5 Pinterest Pins

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Wonderful way to incorporate notebooking techniques into Social Studies--trying this Monday!

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I cannot wait to teach area and perimeter--plus EAT!

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Using this next week for multiplication

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This prevents the dice from FLYING across the room....

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Summer Project

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Multiplication Intro :)

We are getting ready to start multiplication next week in 4th grade.  I wrote this song and think it would be a great way to (hopefully) activiate their prior knowledge.  Enjoy!

I Can Multiply (Katy Perry’s California Dreams)

Verse 1 :  I can multiply
Its repeat addition
3 times 11
There must be 3 groups of 11
Draw in an array
It must have 3 columns of 11
Factor times factor
Tryna’ find the product (answer)

You could add it the long way
But it’s not as easy
As multiplication
Once you learn your facts
You’ll be falling in love
Ooohh oh Ooooohh

Chorus: Multiplication
We Master You
Practice Facts
We won’t stop
It is so easy
Will knock our socks off
Oooooh oh ooooh

We’re determine
Factor, times, factor
We got our product
SGE represent
Now put your hands up
Oooooh oh Oooohh

Verse 2: 11 x 3
All I did was switch my factors
We freak
It’s the same
As 3 groups of 11

You can search your brain
But I have the same product
Once you learn this
You’ll be falling in love

Repeat Chorus

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Going to the Birds

This nine weeks we have been studying Animal Adaptations.  We have been working on NC Animal project mostly.  However, a couple of weeks ago we took time from our project to complete a science notebooking activity comparing bird beaks.  We used various materials such as clothespins, tweezers, spoons, straws and chopsticks to simulate different bird beaks.  The first day of this activity we recorded the procedures our hypothesis and materials into our science journals.  On day two we got down to work.  Here are some pictures I snapped during our notebooking adventure.

Students had to use their "tools" to pick up various things, such as gummy worms, water, fish (their fav) 

Great shot of their awesome results!

What we tested!

Man, being in fourth grade is tough!

They learned quick how to gather their data.

We had a blast learning and discussing why birds eat certain foods.  One of my kids prior to the activity asked why humming birds sip nectar.  This was an awesome way to discuss hypothesis and how we go about figuring/testing to see its results.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall into Word Problems

I love this time of the year.  This season filled with football, pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves and yummy pumpkin Scentsy candles.  Alright, as you can tell I LOVE fall.  Now back to the educational reason for this blog.  My students and I recently starting studying word problems.  Let me tell you, they LOVED the new song. Definitely a hit!

At my school every classroom is equipped with a Smart Board.  I use to utilize pre-made lessons that Smart Board provides.  This year I began creating my own.  Here is my one for Word Problems.  If you would like an actually copy to download yourself.  Please email me at justick.sge@pitt.k12.nc.us

Fall Into Word Problems

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Word Problems on my brain

Hello blogging buddies.  I hope all of you are having fantastic fall day!  I am currently planning MATH for my grade level and LOVE it.  I could teach math all day, and I am not kidding.  After battling strep throat, yes I know its only October and I am already sick, I decided to work on some SmartBoard activities.  I love my SmartBoard, it is such an awesome way for students to stay active and engaged during a lesson.  Anyways, as I was planning and creating my lesson another idea for a song popped into my head.  I have attached the song and Smart Board lessons.

Fall Into Word Problems

I Whip My Word Problem

I see a word problem
I see a word problem
(Just read it)

I see a word problem
I see a word problem
(Read it real good)

I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem

Hop into my test, turn my ears on
Pay no attention , gotta underline the question
And we ain’t doing nothing wrong
So don’t tell me nothing, I’m just boxing my words
Key ones are jumping

So what’s up?
And I’ll be doing what to do, circle key numbers
What’s left just shake them off
Shake them off, shake them off, shake them off

Don’t let haters keep me off my work
Keep my head up I’ll solve my problem
Keep solving until I get there
I show all of my work but don’t give up

I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem
I see a word problem

Note: I did use resources from several websites and blogs so some of the ideas are not mine alone.