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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hello blogger buddies!!! I hope you are enjoying your LONG weekend. I know I am. Mr. Husband and I took a much needed nap this afternoon. We spent the weekend in Charlotte cheering on our beloved pirates :) needless to say that after church we were exhausted!

This past week we only had 3 days of school. Oh my word, my babies and I had a blast learning and working hard to make up for lost time. We are beginning guided math groups on Tuesday so this past Friday I took some time to explain why we need groups and how they help everyone in the classroom. I found the following idea on a blog, however I cannot find it now to give credit to whoever came up with this AWESOME idea!

First, I called all of my kids over to the carpet. I asked them to each think about what may be hurting right now. For example, head ache, wrist, foot etc. I then asked for volunteers to share what was hurting and one by one they told their classmates and I what their pain was. After they told me where their pain was I would place a band aid on the top of their hand. Now, you have to picture this--the first child told me his ankle hurt. I said, okay let me put a band aid on you to make it feel better. After I put it on the top of his hand, he looked at me like I was nuts and so did the rest of the class. This went on for about 10 or so students. Pains ranged from knee scrapes to neck pains. All received the same treatment. Then after the band aids were distributed and applied to their "pain" we reflected. I asked the class, did Mrs. J fix your pain? The collective response was "NO". I agree, then tied it into why we have guided groups. I explained to the class that there would be times when each of them needed to have extra help with a certain topic and that it was my job to apply the band aid to their hurt. If I taught everyone the same way, it would be like applying a band aid where they didn't need it.

Like I said, I found this wonderful lesson on a blog and cannot find it. I really enjoyed showing my students a visual representation of why we need small group instruction. My babies seemed to really make the connection (which just so happened to be our focus of reading for the week too).

Happy Weekend friends!

Mrs. J

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