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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Happy Weekend! Who knew a four day work week could be so exhausting. I have to share an activity my babies did today involving Facebook. Who knew that our beloved social networking site could be useful for reading! I was searching blogs Thursday, go figure, and came across one that sparked my interest. This particular blog discussed using Facebook to teach character sketches. I began to think of how I could use this to conclude talking about making text-to-self connections. After some thought, I finally had it!

Yesterday, I read my students Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. We have already read aloud and made connections with Chrysanthemum (Lilly's) sister so this was a wonderful extension. Afterwards we made Lilly's Facebook profile. TOO Cute! We discussed what would Lilly want on her information section, listed friends (from the text of course) and even listed her likes. Then we decided on her wall post. One of which was "I am a diva". I then had our class "comment" on Lilly's wall post. For example "my sister thinks she is all that too". They had a blast. It was a wonderful way to end a week full of learning. I will post pictures next week.

Here is the template I used for this activity:

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