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Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Rockin Room

Hello blogger friends! I have been busy planning that I have not had time to blog lately. Today was an impromptu workday due to a little thing called Hurricane Irene. She left behind lots of water, debris and destruction due to wind. We begun the cleanup yesterday and it will go on for weeks. Please keep the families affected by this storm in your thoughts and prayers.

While I was filing, organizing and planning away today I realized I had not shared any pics of my classroom. I was so excited to decorate it with my tropical theme. Little did I know that my entire grade level was going to do the same, I love those girls! Without further ado here is room 110!

View from door number one! Yes, I have two and LOVE it :)

Awesome bulletin board set..looks great right beside our reading nook.

Oh my...I do love me some math centers. I have even MORE just for Place Value

Awesome manipulatives for math...did I mention how much I love math?

Love me some www.teachersclubhouse.com--check it out!

All about the theme sista!

Love this nook!

Teachers Clubhouse Rocks!

Our meeting place

It's all within the theme ;)

Door number 2!

Awesome and so easy for keeping up with attendance! My babies were already following their procedure on day 2

My job is...

The star of the room!

I am going nuts without my babies for 2 impromptu workdays. I am thankful for the extra time to prepare and I know my babies are safe! Can't wait for them to come back and get rolling again.

Until next time friends!

Mrs. J!

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