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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Songs, Songs and More Songs

Yesterday my babies shared their "I gotta Value" song with another 4th grade class. As that class was leaving my room one student pulled me aside and said, "can you create a song to Katy Perry's California Girl?". Being the crazy teacher I am I agreed to the challenge. Fast forward to this evening as I was walking my dogs through the "hurricane" (its funny how they just NEED to go outside during a rain storm?!!?) I was thinking about the need to begin reading test strategies. Then all of a sudden "California Girls" popped into my head. I immediately took the pups inside and set out to work on my latest creation. Hope you enjoy!

Comprehension Dreams
I gotta passage
And I have to comprehend it
Words, bold terms and pictures
There must be something I can do here
Teacher says listen
First you have to underline (underline)
The title
It is first
Predict what this passage is all about (about)
You can read the passage
Use a thinking map
To see it in your head
Once you read the passage
You’ll mark the key words
Oooooh oh ooooooh
Reading Passage
Your unforgettable
Fourth grade fresh
We got it going on
Reading til
Were done
We’ll get those 3’s
Ooooooh oh oooooh
What do I do?
We have marked our key words
We find
In the reading passage (ooooh oh)
You can travel the passage
But nothing comes close
Until you support
You’ll be finding the answers
Oooooh oh oooooh

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