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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twas the Week before Workdays

Twas' the week before workdays and all through the halls all the teachers were stirring even moving a piece of furniture or two... Anyways as you can tell I go back to school next WEEK. Yes, I know some of you blog buds are already back and you probably want to roll your eyes at me for whining. I normally would be so happy to go back but since lil boy was born (only 7 weeks ago) I have mixed emotions going back. With that said, my team is AWESOME!!! I am so pumped to work with them this year. We all have kids under 1 so it is going to be fabulous :) We have been meeting some the last few weeks to get things ready for the new year. Our principal required us to long range plan the 1st four weeks of instruction so actually my stress level (which is normally an 11) is not high at all. I feel that since all of the planning is done we can really focus on engaging and motivating our students. With that said, head over to my TpT store and download my M & M Place Value Activity. It is free right now so don't wait. This activity covers Common Core Numbers and Base Ten Goals 1 and 2 so enjoy!

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