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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


This year marks year TWO of 1:1 iPads in my room. I am so stoked to see the amazing products the students come up with using their iPads. Since I use iPads on a daily basis in my room I decided that I would blog weekly about our favorite class aps and WHY we love them. Enjoy

1. Edmodo-obviously this can be used through a website and not solely the app but it is a MUST for my classroom. I post daily morning work, track data and even use it for guided reading groups. This past school year our 4th grade classes collaborated via Edmodo on a NC History project. It is awesome to watch them communicate and work together in a 21st century way. This year my class is going to participate in the Global Read Aloud using Edmodo. More to come about that later.

2. Near Pod- Oh my word this app transformed my lessons. Nearpod allows students to view a presentation in real time on their iPad. Teachers can insert polls, questions, pictures etc to engage students. My kids LOVED when I said go to the app Nearpod. Also, nearpod has a data tracking feature so it is very teacher friendly!

3. Educreation- I think this was hands down a favorite of my kiddos. Educreations allows students and teachers to create video tutorials. Don't worry- it is so simple. I literally showed my students once what to do and they ran with it. By the end of the year students were creating videos to use in other classrooms and oh my they were amazing!

As you can tell I am obsessed with having iPads in my classroom. They have allowed me to take my teaching to another level. If you would like to check out my classroom blog head over to 4th grade friends!

What are your favorite apps? I am always looking for new ones to add to our collection :)

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