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Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm {officially} Back

Hello my blog buds

Sorry for the LONG Hiatus from the blog. As of today, I am offically back in my blog mindset and will be {hopefully} posting more regularly. If you recall WAYYYYYY back in January I told you I was expecting my little bundle of JOY. Well, drum rolllll please..... I am so excited to introduce Joseph Timothy Justice to the blog world.

Baby boy was born June 30 at 6:59 p.m. He is a sweet and cuddly baby. Normally I am already working in my room and gearing up for the new school year. However, this little guy has my heart and time occupied. Although I am excited to return I will definitely put in my required hours during school then head HOME to see my boys.

Even though I have been rather occupied I have been pinning some ideas that I hope to implement this school year. Lets just say after school ended I had a little time before baby boy made his entrance so I organized, rearranged {and then some} ALL of my PInterest boards. Here are my top pins for the new year.

1. Interactive notebooking- this is something I always try but fail somewhere after the first few weeks. I bought these on TpT and cannot wait to use them to enhance my reading and math blocks.

2. Clip Chart and Class Dojo Combo- I love a good clip chart but after reading tips on how to incorporate class Dojo I feel that it will help track behavior and be a great tool for parent communication.

3. QR Scans- I absolutely LOVE QR Scans. They are so versatile in the classroom. I am planning to make QR Rewards for certain number of points on Class Dojo.

Well, its cuddle time with my lil man. I'm going to enjoy the next two weeks and spoil him while I still have time. Have a fabulous week blog loves!

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