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Sunday, August 11, 2013

QR...say what?

Last year at this time I did not have a clue what QR Codes. Fast forward to the present and I cannot imagine teaching without them. There are so many uses for them that I decided to come up with my top 10 uses for QR Codes.

What is a QR Code? To put it simply a QR Code is a barcode that once scan directs one to something be it a website, text etc.

Where can I create a QR Code? There are many websites now available to the techie for creating QR codes. Each quite simply require you to input your desired result for the QR Code (website, text, visual etc)

QR Stuff

Kaywa QR Code

Why use them in the classroom? Why not? They are an excellent way to motivate students to learn more information about a topic. My students LOVED practicing their multiplication because they could "check" their answer via QR Codes. Also, scavenger hunts were that much more exciting because of the codes.

How can I use them in the classroom?

1. Scavenger Hunts--what a great way to have students learn more about a topic. Students can read clues via their QR Scan and then complete a viewers guide to learn more. What a wonderful way for them to gather information prior to a whole group instruction.

2. Quizzes--link google forms to your qr code and you have instant data.

3. Multiplication Facts--students can check answers to problems they were given. I have bought several QR Games via teachers pay teachers. Worth.Every.Penny (Shhhh don't tell Mr. Husband ;)

4. Vocabulary Practice-word wall practice sort of like I have Who Has

5. Access to websites--I have a QR scan outside my room that anyone can use to access our class website.

6. Resources for Assignments--videos, websites, google docs

7. Interactive Notebooking Video

8. Project Links to show off student work in a gallery walk through. During our spring semester students presented a Thing LInk project all via QR Codes. It was awesome

9. Listening Stations--Croak it is a QR Code Generator that allows for voice capability

10.Grouping Students--students can scan a Code to find out which group they are working in and/or what their group job is going t be.

How are you using QR Codes in your classroom?

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