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Thursday, August 11, 2011

First teacher blog ever!

Hello friends! I have searched, stalked, my fellow teacher friends blogs for months now...lol. What a great resource you have all been to me. Now it is my turn. I hope to return the favor. This blog will serve as an online portfolio for the upcoming school year. Also, I hope to share resources I have found to be beneficial. So for my first blog, I thought I would list some of my current favorite "teacher" things.

Laura Candler's Teaching Resources - Free Printables and Lesson Ideas for Teachers! --Love her! She is my go to girl for wonderful math centers and so much more. If you are implementing guided math this year check her site out. Also, she has webinars that are fabulous!

TeacherTipster Love, love, love did I mention that I LOVE this site. This site has several cool videos that I am planning to use this coming school year.

A fellow teacher friend of mine introduced this site to me. You will find tools for reading, management and much much more!

Guided Math
I used guided math last year and let me tell you, it was AWESOME! I have planned this summer ways to better enhance my guided math time. This site is your go to site for all things guided math.

Happy Blogging!


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