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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Multiplication Intro :)

We are getting ready to start multiplication next week in 4th grade.  I wrote this song and think it would be a great way to (hopefully) activiate their prior knowledge.  Enjoy!

I Can Multiply (Katy Perry’s California Dreams)

Verse 1 :  I can multiply
Its repeat addition
3 times 11
There must be 3 groups of 11
Draw in an array
It must have 3 columns of 11
Factor times factor
Tryna’ find the product (answer)

You could add it the long way
But it’s not as easy
As multiplication
Once you learn your facts
You’ll be falling in love
Ooohh oh Ooooohh

Chorus: Multiplication
We Master You
Practice Facts
We won’t stop
It is so easy
Will knock our socks off
Oooooh oh ooooh

We’re determine
Factor, times, factor
We got our product
SGE represent
Now put your hands up
Oooooh oh Oooohh

Verse 2: 11 x 3
All I did was switch my factors
We freak
It’s the same
As 3 groups of 11

You can search your brain
But I have the same product
Once you learn this
You’ll be falling in love

Repeat Chorus

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