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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Going to the Birds

This nine weeks we have been studying Animal Adaptations.  We have been working on NC Animal project mostly.  However, a couple of weeks ago we took time from our project to complete a science notebooking activity comparing bird beaks.  We used various materials such as clothespins, tweezers, spoons, straws and chopsticks to simulate different bird beaks.  The first day of this activity we recorded the procedures our hypothesis and materials into our science journals.  On day two we got down to work.  Here are some pictures I snapped during our notebooking adventure.

Students had to use their "tools" to pick up various things, such as gummy worms, water, fish (their fav) 

Great shot of their awesome results!

What we tested!

Man, being in fourth grade is tough!

They learned quick how to gather their data.

We had a blast learning and discussing why birds eat certain foods.  One of my kids prior to the activity asked why humming birds sip nectar.  This was an awesome way to discuss hypothesis and how we go about figuring/testing to see its results.  

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