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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am back

Hello blog buds,

My oh my have I been busy. Between valentines parties, professional development, after school tutoring etc my little blog has been on the back burner.

Well, I am back :)

Lately we have been learning, reading an researching about the underground railroad. Let's just say my babies are hooked! We are currently reading Freedom Crossing, which is a six grade leveled text. My fourth grade friends are so into it that they beg me to keep on reading. I thought the vocab would be too much for them but BOY was I WRONG, they love it.

We are also loving our lit circles. My friends have successfully worked in groups for a month now and have had some awesome successes. They love working together and completing a job for their group.

I started some progress monitoring with my kiddos last week. We are using Scrabble Slam cards to make real and nonsense words...they love the "game". I love that it is a quick and easy intervention.

For math we are working on data an graphing. The kids loved going to other classes For our surveys. They took their tallied information and made bar graphs, what fun!

Here are some pics to show off our week! Enjoy your weekend

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